Warmness on the Soul

David Hume- On the Love and Hatred for Animals

When talking about David Hume it is important to note that he thinks differently from other philosophers. He was mainly subjective and didn’t approach problems in the same way that … Continue reading

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Utilitarianism by John Mill (Chapter 3) Sanctions

When talking about Chapter Three of John Mill’s Utilitarianism it is important to note certain distinctions he makes. He would go on to talk about influences that would affect you … Continue reading

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Korsgaard: The Right to Lie

When it comes to lying, there is nothing more gray in the world as the concept of withholding information from someone who may or may not need it. We all … Continue reading

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Feminist Ethics

When it comes to feminism and feminist ethics, I am forced to put all my bias aside and really examine the situation outside the box. As a child I was … Continue reading

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Nicomachean Ethics Book VIII-X

When it comes to friendship and its concept, Aristotle breaks it down into 3 possible categories. The first is friendship of utility which means that both people are somehow using each … Continue reading

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Nicomachean Ethics Books I-IV

When it comes to Aristotles Nicomachean Ethics, he believes that virtue lies in those who are naturally disposed to it. This meaning, that they will show their virtuous side without … Continue reading

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Humans and their Duties Towards Animals

In this modern world it is a highly controversial topic to consider how much should our concern be for other animals. On one side there are those who believe that … Continue reading

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